A Work-in-Progress Thursday

It took a little while, but I actually got to my sewing machine today!  Years ago, I started a quilt based on Karen K. Stone’s Rattlesnake pattern.  I had a few blocks completed and a stack of central paper-pieced sections done, but It got put in a box when I stopped quilting for a few years.  When I took it out before the summer, I still loved the idea of it but had no idea what to do with the background of the blocks. Luckily this summer I collected a fair number of grey fabrics, and I like the idea of a grey/black/red background.  Here’s a very rough idea of what I have in mind.

Greys blacks and reds

not for meI’ve actually had the stack of potential background fabrics sitting on a table in my living room since August, but today I finally finished two more blocks. The quilt inspector was very excited when I put the first block on the floor to photograph it, and was quite insulted when I did not allow him to sit on it!

This quilt will be a bit outside my comfort zone — it is my first paper piecing attempt and a much more wild use of pattern and color than is my norm.   And my normal high density quilting may end up getting entirely lost in all the pattern…I hope I still like it by the time it is done.

Linking this up to Work in Progress Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social.  I am glad to finally have something to share!

Block 2



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  1. Wow! Love those paper pieced middles to your blocks! They look fabulous – and I think that your backgrounds to them will work out just great too.

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  2. What a great pattern, and the background is working well.

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  3. I am very interested to see this one finished. So vibrant and funky!

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  4. Your paper pieced blocks look amazing. I have always been intimidated by most curves. These are pretty cool and look so nice with all those gray backgrounds. Your dog is too cute.

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  5. Glad to see such a pretty quilt at the top of your To Do list.

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  6. Love this quilt! The colors are very rich and yet cozy.:)

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  7. Great choices in colors! I have missed you! I have been wifi free ALL SUMMER! I feel refreshed and am back in bloggy world! Hope you had a wonderful summer!

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