Work in Progress Wednesday 10_21

Another week  has passed and some progress has been made.  It is slow, but I am getting in some sewing time.  Here’s what I accomplished:

blocksI think the waviness of the blocks in the picture is mostly a need for more careful ironing and placement….I hope.  Also the paper creates a bit of a ridge.  I actually can take the paper out now but I am getting quite worried about that stage.  I used regular photocopy paper but more importantly I did not read the instructions carefully when I made the centers of the blocks.  Instead of a short stitch length and a bigger needle, I seem to have done all the centers with my normal needle and stitch length.  I hope that paper comes off!

Here’s a picture of all the blocks I have so far.

swirled 2Linking up to Let’s Bee Social and Work In Progress Wednesday.  Lots of creativity to see over there!


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  1. Placing blocks on a plush towel and pressing sometimes helps remove some waviness too. Looking forward to seeing the assembling of blocks.

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  2. Oh my those are electric! I love the curve and that you added all those points…wow!

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  3. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. The fabrics are bright and colorful.

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  4. I love the fabrics you’ve chosen for the background – the colors still stand out well and it really works. I think the wave will go away once you get the paper out, too.t

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  5. Wow I love the colors! I think things will flatten out after you get the paper out and a good pressing on that plush towel…I think it’s going to be beautiful when you get it together 🙂

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  6. What fantastic colors. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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  7. I love this pattern, and am really enjoying seeing how you’re developing it! 🙂 I made the same mistake with stitch length when I used paper as a support for some sewing – it does come off, but you might find you need tweezers for stubborn bits.

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  8. These are great looking block – great fabric choices. You will have an amazing quilt. When I removed the paper – I made sure I folded the paper on the stitching line and then ran my thumbnail along it. That helped to break down the paper making it easier to remove. Good luck. I think it will be fine.

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  9. ThEh are magnificent. Great colours for the design.

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  10. Your blocks look great. Best wishes and some luck for the paper tearing process!
    (a late visit from WIP Wednesday)

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