Blocks are Piling Up…Slowly

I have been making slow progress on my rattlesnake quilt.  Though I love the blocks, I am finding that even when I have time, progress is slow.  Cutting the backgrounds is a bit fussy — ironing on the wax paper template, tracing and then cutting (the curved parts with scissors), and the sewing is a bit fussy as well, with the need for some pinning to make sure everything lines up properly .  After 3-4 blocks, I am done.  Even when all I am doing is cutting the backgrounds, I do not like to do too many at once.  Here’s where I am so far, with the block colors laid out the way Karen Stone lays them out in her quilt.

rattlesnake 10_29 1

Another challenge I have is that I do not know what color to make the backgrounds now.  I have never been one to cut everything before I start piecing.  I tend to cut enough for a few blocks, piece those, cut some more, piece some more. I approached the centers of the rattlesnakes somewhat differently, for once following cutting directions and cutting all the strips first.  I had made 26 centers out of the 36 called for in the original design when I stopped quilting.  When I started up again, I completely forgot that those strips had a purpose, and used them in other quilts.  Oops.  I do not want to make more, so I need to come up with a design that will work with 26 blocks….With only 26 blocks it will be too small for a lap quilt, so I am thinking of adding something to make it larger.  Not that I really need more lap quilts!

I wasn’t completely thrilled with the original layout, so I tried placing them a bit differently, just to see.  The Quilt Inspector decided to assist…At the moment I like the random layout the best.

I have been using EQ7 to try out a few more designs.  Some need more than my 26 blocks, unfortunately.  What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Blocks are Piling Up…Slowly”

  1. What a great block pattern! Just looking at it makes me squirm, not least because of the snakes, just the sheer amount of fiddle that is involved. I just know I would not be able to commit! I like the random layout you’ve got going on. It might not be as fancy as the other EQ7 designs, which by the way wow! , but I like the complexity of the block being simply laid out too. Could be my just get it done mentality speaking though, and that isn’t always the best way to work! My advice; confer further with the Quilt Inspector. ☺

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  2. I think the medallion setting would be intriguing, especially if you arranged the teeth blocks so all the light sides faced the same direction. The on point setting disturbs me as I worry about those mouths full of teeth. The square in square would be striking with one square of red and another of dark gray.


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