How to Walk Your Dog in Macau

I always get a laugh when I see people (usually domestic helpers) out walking the dogs with baby carriages and baby harnesses.  I’m pretty sure some of those dogs never touch the ground, much less the grass!


6 thoughts on “How to Walk Your Dog in Macau”

    1. One time my son, then about 2, wanted to walk around after a long international flight, so I set him down, only to have him go running happily past all the immigrations and customs agents, who promptly gave chase…a leash sounded like quite a good idea just then!


  1. I had to take a double take… too funny! I guess the pup needs air??? HA HA HA I have not been over as of late. I have been a busy, busy girl! I hope you have finished some of those amazing quilts! I will have to take a look!

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