A Little Bit More Progress

It is almost Christmas, I am officially on vacation, and some progress has been made on my rattlesnake quilt.  In addition to its final row of rattlesnake blocks (papers all removed already), the quilt needs an additional black border and probably another small red border.  At this rate it should finish out at 70″x70″…not quite Dear Son-sized, but more than enough for snuggling.  I am starting to get ideas for how to quilt it.  The corners of the rattlesnake blocks have so much bulk and where they meet up quilting will be quite problematic, so I am planning to avoid that area.  I also have some ideas for the black borders…it will be something entirely new for me.  I’ll share in a future post.

I enlisted the help of my favorite assistant (sorry Quilt Inspector, you come in 2nd) to get a picture of my quilt top in its current state.

best quilt assistant

My quilt holder is back for the winter holidays after his first term at college, and it is fantastic to have him back.  It’s quite interesting to hear his impressions of the US and to hear more about his friends.

Some of you may remember seeing his picture on occasion.  He is quite a bit bigger than when he first became my quilt photography assistant.

Log cabin

It’s so much fun having him home.  I think it will be much harder to send him off after the holiday than it was to send him off to college in the first place!




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  1. I can see you’re managing to eke out those rattlesnake blocks into a fairly large quilt. I assume the designated recipient approves. Maybe he could sew on a border or two.

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