I found it!

Backing fabric.  A search through my stash revealed several large pieces of fabric suitable for backing a quilt, as well as a number of fabrics that no longer fit my tastes, and one or two so hideous I can only wonder what I was thinking.

I’m looking at you creepy Asian fabrics with fat, bald figures.

Fabrics of Hideousness 2

So, what did I find?

Choice 1: Ancient Red Fabric

There’s quite a lot of this dark red fabric, which I believe I originally intended to use in all the red blocks of my Rattlesnake quilt, when I started the quilt ages ago.

I must have intended it for backing as well, because I have a ton of it.  It has little black outlined bunnies and dots that are quite hard to see in the photo.  Not a fabric I would buy now, but it reads as a solid and I could use it in future quilts fairly easily.  It has the advantage that I have so much of it that it would require little piecing for the backing. It also looks quite nice with the main fabric I used in my Kaleidoscope quilt.  I do still like that fabric, and it offers all kinds of possibilities when cut in different ways, but I am not sure when I would use it again. Plus, the style does not really match the front of the quilt.

Choice 2: Red Sarong

My search revealed this red sarong fabric that I picked up when I was in Malaysia or Indonesia.  I think it would make an interesting backing, but it would need some piecing as it does not cover even 1/3 of the quilt.   I could use it with black fabric I have on hand, or with some of the leftover reds…though I need to make sure to keep enough red on hand for the binding!  I laid it out on the quilt top to see just how much extra fabric would be needed and the Quilt Inspector decided I should add something to provide perspective — himself!  He always looks so serious when he is inspecting my quilts.  You can also see a purple fabric that I have quite a bit of in the pic.  It could be used on its own or with the sarong.

Choice 3:  Blue and Gold Sarong

I have another sarong that has a blue base and gold overlaying the pattern.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice — the fabric is quite stunning.  There is quite a  bit of it, but it does not go as well with the front of the quilt as the red sarong does.  Still, it would make for an interesting backing.

I have made my choice and hope to have the backing ready by the weekend.  What would you choose?



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  1. I’d go with the red sarong. Awaiting the reveal of what you decided. Love the quilt inspector!

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  2. Blue sarong with the purple gets my vote! I like to make my quilt backs quite different from the fronts.

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  3. I’d go with the dark red fabric simply because I don’t think you need the thickness of any more seams when you quilt the rattlesnake. My second choice would be the blue/gold sarong because the jagged points would echo the zigzags of the front.

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