It is Wednesday

It is Wednesday and (gasp!) I actually have a work in progress to share.  My Rattlesnake quilt top is still finished, but it also now has a backing.

A reminder of what the quilt looks like, for those just stopping in.

Rattlesnake flimsy

Sorry to keep posting the same picture of the quilt top.  My attempts to get additional pictures have not gone well!  This is me at 5’7″, standing on a footstool, trying to hold it so it could be photographed.  My quilt holding skills need work.  Or I need considerably longer arms.

Complete Rattlesnake

After considering my various backing options, this is what I decided to go with.  Again, sorry for the quality of the pictures!

backing rattlesnake

It might have been a wiser choice to go with the boring old red fabric, but I saw how vibrant the red sarong was, and I just couldn’t resist. My original plan was to put a strip of the other red on the top and another on the bottom of the sarong portion, then black on either side.  It would have looked good..but it also would have added a few seams.  The way I have put it together now, I really only have 3 seams to deal with, which I think would have been the case no matter what backing I had gone with.    I am quite sure the red fabric will end up backing a future quilt.  The blue and gold sarong deserves its own special treatment, someday.  For this quilt,   when eight or nine of my nearest and dearest friends (the number of people I estimate will be able to fit under this quilt comfortably) and I  cuddle up under it, we will be able to enjoy both sides of the quilt.

My plan is baste the quilt on Saturday and start quilting on Sunday, at least on some test pieces.  I am still thinking of using some ideas from Stupendous Stitching.




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  1. Yessss! Love this, especially the fact that you have few seams to deal with, yet can still have a pieced backing. Enjoy your weekend of quilting.

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  2. Love your rattlesnake top, and you seem to be doing just fine at holding it!

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  3. What a striking design! The black background really makes those colors pop! The red with the gorgeous print will make a fantastic backing!

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  4. So, what are you going to do with those creepy figure fabrics? Hey, creepy was your word. My arms are aching in empathy for your coming wrestling match with this quilt sandwich.

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    • I have no idea on the creepy fabrics…test piece backing? Postage stamp quilt? They say if you still think it is ugly, you haven’t cut it small enough…Or an ugly fabric giveaway?

      Quilting this one is going to be a challenge. I have been thinking about how I can move some extra tables around to support it. I really wish I had my sewing machine sunk in to the table…


  5. Oh, this will be a striking back! I can’t wait to see how you decide to quilt it. That will make a whole other element against the black. It’s fun when quilts are meant to be enjoyed two-sided!

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  6. lovely quilt. really like the dark background.

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