Last year I enjoyed the A Lovely Year of Finishes link-up, which had you set a monthly goal to complete.  Unfortunately the person who was hosting that linkup decided to take a break, but Heidi at Red Letter Quilts decided to continue the spirit of ALYoF with OMG — One Monthly Goal.  I missed the first month, but for this month, my goal is to finish the quilting on my Rattlesnake quilt.

basted rattlesnake

I have been traveling since my last post, so there’s really nothing to show on the quilting front.  I hope to have quite a bit to share in the next few days, along with some pictures from my trip.  In the meantime, I will share some of the English wonders one can can find traveling.  Craving colorful milk?  There are several mysteries on the menu!


Engrish Menu

I wonder what makes the strawberry milk so interesting…And who could say no to specialized ice or Sydney milk?

But without a doubt, my favorite thing on this menu is….

Burn the fairy grass

Burn the Fairy Grass!  How you do that with a drink I am not sure…but some things are probably better not to know.

5 thoughts on “OMG”

  1. I’m jealous you have so many different milkshakes and teas to choose from. A pumpkin spice latte seems so tame in comparison with a burn the fairy grass (tea?.) And I don’t know about lemon flavor milk. Wouldn’t it curdle?

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  2. It does say ‘flavor’ in both English and Chinese…so maybe minimal or no actual lemon used? The milkshakes aren’t the milkshakes you might be thinking of. Milk blended with fruit usually. In fact the ones on the page with Fairy Grass are all hot drinks! But it is fun to go try different ones. I’ve only rarely gotten one I didn’t like.


  3. Being from the generation that I am that ‘Burn the Fairy Grass’ has lots of interesting implications…perhaps this is a hot liquid version of the infamous Alice B. Toklas Brownies. (my how genteel of me to phrase it in such a manner)

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