A Rather Grumpy Wednesday

I envisioned myself making massive quilting progress during Chinese New Year break, but my quilting progress has been slow and somewhat frustrating.  After adding the decorative stitches to the inner border of the Rattlesnake quilt, I added some straight quilting between those lines.  When I started, I made some of the lines of decorative stitching wavy with the intention of creating gaps where I could add free motion quilting, but it is hard (for me at least) to control the distance between lines of decorative stitches, so in some places the lines are too close together to add even a line of stitching, while in other places there are relatively large gaps…so I would start on one side where there was a reasonable distance between lines of stitches, turn the corner, get part way down the next side and discover the lines were so close together it was almost impossible to stitch between the lines.  I’ve finished the border for now, but I may go back to add some free motion stitches where there are larger gaps, or I may leave it as is.  You can see the overall effect here:

Inner Border

I wanted the black inner section of the quilt to be quilted rather simply so that the rattlesnake portion would stand out more.  I added straight lines of stitching with my walking foot, but progress was slow, probably because I find straight line stitching rather dull in general, and it was hard to work up enthusiasm to face the starts and stops required.  When I finally did get near the end this morning, I did this!


I have no idea how, though I am quite nearsighted and did have to lean over the quilt to see the black thread ends I wanted to snip…Luckily the missing hair is not terribly noticeable!

I finally got the outer portion of the inner square done, and spent quite some time hemming and hawing about what to do with the central part of the rings.  After considering quite a few different designs, in a burst of determination and impatience with my slow progress, I started quilting free motion parallel arcs to create diamond shapes.  It was soon clear that my free motion quilting is quite rusty, and I could not maintain anything like parallel lines in the large spaces…I probably should have either done it with a walking foot or gone with an entirely different design.  It did not help that I have broken the quilting table that comes with the sewing machine, so it keeps shifting and moving out of place.  Not helpful for smooth stitching!

I am not very pleased with it, but I do not think I am so displeased that want to rip the whole thing out.  This is, after all, a quilt to be used.  Here’s what I ended up with:


The Quilt Inspector wanted me to know that whatever its shortcomings, he is willing to adopt it.

Quilt Inspector

Sharing this with Let’s Be Social,  Free Motion by the River, and Can I Get A Whoop Whoop.

Happy Year of the Monkey to everyone!




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  1. I giggled to see your hair!
    The quilt is beautiful and I think your friend likes it too!
    Happy year of the Monkey to you!

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  2. I think it looks great. I don’t use my decorative stitches all that often, but when I have I also find the whole spacing thing rather difficult.

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  3. Your quilt inspector is right on the money. Looks fabulous and so cozy!

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  4. Better your hair got snipped than a bit of the fabric…especially with black on black, and your eyesight, it coulda been a ‘holey’ disaster! 😉

    Love the quilt, but doggie looks especially sweet in these photos.

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  5. I think it looks wonderful. But I do get being disappointed when what I’ve done doesn’t match up with what I imagined. Then it’s usually time to rethink my expectations. 🙂 Good job and thanks for sharing.

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  6. I have loved reading your blog, you made me smile with your lovely humour. You have a great sense of colour and your quilts are great.

    Smiles from

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  7. No need to tear your hair out. Yes, it’s a royal pain when your brain works faster than your stitching, and the stitching didn’t get the memo about how you want to quilt it. And it’s always a shock when you realize your FMQ skills have lost their edge. Regroup and reconsider? Just take a moment to think about what will make you pleased with this quilt 6 months from now.

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  8. HI Lori,
    are you still in Hong Kong? How’s the new job going? Loved the quilt BTW 🙂

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  9. Now see if I tried to make anything like that I’d have lost all of my points so I am in awe whether you were grumpy or not and that pup is adorable!!!

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