Little By Little Wednesday

It’s been busy here with Chinese New Year, and I have done more visiting friends than quilting.  But I did make a bit of progress, mainly on the outer border of the quilt.  It doesn’t look like much yet, but what I am aiming for is parallel sets of  wavy lines that will create space for some free motion quilting in between the sets of lines, inspired by Angela Walter’s signature quilting.  As with the inner border, once I have finished the decorative lines, I’ll add in some straight-stitched lines for more definition.  I was surprised on the inner border how much difference those lines made.  This time I have left more space for it.

This picture gives a sense of how it looks overall at this point.  It’s a grey day and there’s not much natural light.

outer border larger view 1.jpg

One question I have is what colors to use in the spaces.  I have a few variegated threads, but mainly in blues or blue and purple with a touch of red.  I had thought of using all black to set off the decorative stitching…but it may just highlight the irregularity of the decorative stitching.  It will be easier to see what works when I get all the decorative stitching and highlighting done, hopefully this weekend!

Linking this up to Let’s Bee Social.  It’s always fun to see what everyone is working on there.


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  1. I love the name for your quilt. Great colors and Angela is a great inspiration, as well, to me.

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  2. Very beautiful quilt. I too find Shape by shape book very interesting.

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  3. I actually love the irregularity of the decorative stitching. I think it adds a lot of interest and an organic feel, which suits the block design.

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  4. As you note, the thread color of additional stitching will determine how much the decorative stitching stands out. Black thread will add texture without competing with the bright colors you’re already used. Red thread will echo the color of one of your borders. Maybe gray?

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  5. This is beautiful! Love your work.

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  6. I’m also thinking black or grey wouldn’t compete too much with all that work you put into the decorative stitching. Love Angela! She’s such an inspiration.

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