Another Step Forward

How in the world did it get to be February 23rd?  I had hoped to finish the quilting on Rattlesnake by the end of the month, but at the rate it’s going, it looks to be an impossibility!

I’ve finished the decorative stitching on my outer border, and spent time contemplating next steps.  Here’s where I am:

To finish off the outer border I am considering either

  1.  Leave it as it is;
  2. Use black or grey thread to give the spaces texture;
  3. Add some color with some light quilting.

What’s your vote?

I’m currently inclined toward #3.  I feel the outer border as it stands does not quite stand up to the inner border and the main blocks.  I have some relatively dull red thread and a blue/green variegated thread that might give just a bit of extra color…

For the blocks, I’ll use some simple quilting in the outer portion at least.  That alone is going to take a few days of quilting!  Sadly they have not decided to give me quilting days at work…

Sharing this post at Free Motion by the River and Let’s Bee Social, once it opens up.

8 thoughts on “Another Step Forward”

  1. What a shame your job doesn’t recognize quilting as a legitimate reason for leave. I like the undulating waves you’ve created in the outer border, and I don’t know if I’d want to take attention away from that. Only you can determine if you need more quilting for stability.

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    1. I need to have a talk with my supervisors, help them set better priorities.

      The quilt doesn’t need additional quilting in the border for stability, though I do need to do something in the rattlesnake border.. I just wonder if the outer black border gets lost a bit compared to the inner border and blocks.


  2. Oh I so understand your woes there, sister. My former job didn’t recognize quilting days either. But keep pushing on – that quilt is SO GORGEOUS….you can’t let a little thing like only 24 hours in a day get you down. My vote is leave it as is. It looks great! but…sometimes you just have to follow your gut. You’ll know what’s right.

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