Some Inspiration for February

Previously, I had a regular Quilt Inspiration feature, but in recent months it has somehow gotten lost.  When I saw Carol Van Zandt from the Plaid Portico’s post sharing photos from the Pacific International Quilt Festival it reminded me of how inspiration there is and how much it helps my quilting.  So monthly quilt inspiration is back, this time drawing entirely on Carol’s wonderful post from PIQF. I tried to link the pictures directly to her blog but it was not working, so I have copied them here and put the link above. I encourage you to go to her blog to see more pictures from the festival and get the details (and full pictures) on the quilts below.  She regularly shares photos from quilt shows and is a wonderful source for inspiration.  Just don’t get lost looking at pictures and forget to quilt!

What inspires me in this set of quilts is how the quilting has been used to enhance the design or, in the case of 9-patch Windwill, to create an entirely new design.  I am also inspired by how in Field of Dreams, Patti Henderson Auburn has taken a fairly straight forward technique and used it in an entirely new way (at least to me!) and created depth and movement.

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9-Patch Windmill by Birgit Schuellerfield-of-quilted-dreams-by-mel-beach

Field of Quilted Dreams by Mel Beach


Field of Quilted Dreams by Mel Beach


Orbit by Patti Henderson Auburn, quilted by Beth Foust

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