I made some new friends

Last year was a year of many changes for me.  My son headed off for college, I started a new job, and at the end of November, I completed a 15 year term of service on an international board that had required considerable travel, just to mention a few.  The cumulative effect has been much less travel and a much more regular schedule.  One of the things I have  done with my newfound freedom is to begin a more regular exercise program.  After two months of very regular exercise that includes 5 days a week of ‘running’ (a term used very loosely!), I decided it was about time to get some actual running shoes.  I headed to a store that has a good reputation for helping people choose appropriate running shoes, and look who I met.

In Hong Kong, rents are high and shops are usually tiny.  This one was probably only about 10’x 15′ and filled with running shoes…four cats. Grumpy Cat jr was a bit skittish so I didn’t get a good picture of him, and the other cat only made a brief appearance.  Apparently the shop owner has another two cats at home.  The cats certainly made the shopping experience interesting!  They were fascinated with my backpack.

For those of you who might want to take up a more regular exercise program, I started with Ease into 5k, which gave me a solid 8 week program to gradually build up my fitness.  I wasn’t in horrible shape, but definitely not where I wanted to be.  Then I found the Zombies! Run! app and I was hooked.  You get a story that unfolds as you run, and a side game that you play based on materials that you collect by running.  I should say I don’t actually ‘run’.  I have a Nordic Track at home that I use most days, and when I go to the gym at the university I use the elliptical or rowing machine.  I also go hiking in my neighborhood and every once in a while, I actually run.  But I actually look forward to my daily exercise and to learning more of the story when I use the app.  Zombies may not be for everyone, but honestly, the story is great.


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  1. Looks like just the sort of shopping experience I would enjoy. Love the way you framed the photos.

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