It’s Binding Time

I have a new binding technique to try, and am going to try a decorative stitch to machine finish it as well. But since my Rattlesnake quilt still looks pretty much like it did last time I showed it, and I am getting tired of a series of posts that all look almost identical, no more pictures until it is bound!  Given how enthusiastic I generally am about binding, you may have completely forgotten its existence by the time I next post about it.

Instead of Rattlesnake pics, I want to show what I am thinking of for my next project, or projects.  I was able to use some of the Stupendous Stitching techniques in my Rattlesnake quilt, but I want to use it more fully in a smaller piece.  My office still has nothing personal in it at all, so I am planning to make a small wall hanging to put there.   I’m considering these two beautiful fabrics for background.

I’m not sure I want to cover up the one on the right, so I’ll probably use the first one.  It’s a bit brighter than it looks in the photo.  I just need to get interfacing so I can start sewing.

The other project I am thinking about is something that can use showcase these gorgeous fabrics.

I bought them last summer and they have been calling to me from my closet. I need something that will show them off.  I am inclined toward a simple, somewhat large block because small pieces may hide the larger-scale fabric designs.  Any suggestions?



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  1. I don’t make clothing, but wow those fabrics would make great summer tops! 😀

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  2. One approach to the hand dyed looking fabrics is to keep them whole and simply do thread lines that accentuate pattern and color. Then, you could mount the finished product on a stretcher (see Carol Ann’s instructions) for an arty look. As to that other fabric, if you’re truly undecided just send it to me and I’ll make something from it. Have you considered throw pillows?

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  3. While in the midst of nearing completion of one project, the brain simply cannot stop…onward to your newest quilting ventures!

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