My New Project

My Rattlesnake quilt is bound and just waiting on Friday to share.  In the meantime, I’ve started on my Stupendous Stitching project. Stupendous Stitching might just be the cause of another addiction. I already have a fairly extensive fabric stash and hear the siren song of new fabrics whenever  I pass a quilt shop, but stupendous stitching has introduced me to a variety of embroidery threads, kimono threads, cords and other couching materials that I did not even know existed!  Though I have a good variety of threads for quilting, I picked up some couching materials while I was in Hong Kong so that I would have something to work with.


My collection still quite modest but I can see the temptation to expand it considerably.  That was my first cut of quilting threads, btw.  A second look doubled the number I thought I might use on this project.  Since I wonder at my kitchen peninsula most of the time, I usually select threads I think I will use in the project I am working on and put them in a box next to my sewing machine. If I need to clean up, I can just move the box to a shelf and not lose my selection of threads.

The first stage of stupendous stitching is adding couching lines.  I actually didn’t use all the materials I have, and I would have loved to add some more lines, but I need to leave room for the decorative stitching.  It doesn’t look like much yet, but it forms a backbone for the rest of the design.

Stupendus couching

The spindly looking grey thread is actually a beautiful Ricky Tims metallic thread that looks gorgeous against the fabric.  Sadly it does not photograph particularly well.  For the purple ribbon and the yellow rick rack, I used a variegated thread that I think looks good against the background fabric.  I really like how it looks on the purple ribbon.  On the yellow rick rack, not so much.  Next time I will switch to a thread color that matches the rick rack, I think.  I also may double up the embroidery thread, though it looks pretty good in person.


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  1. So many potential hobbies; so little time. Enjoy!

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  2. I got hooked on that style of stitching too. I made a couple of zipper quilted bags and a handbag and a fabric vase using my fancy stitches and couched yarn. As a knitter I have a lot of yarn. It is fun and addicting too!!!

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  3. Oh the fun you’ll have with that class. If you haven’t already, check out the class projects posted. Some can really can you ideas.

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