First Finish of 2016


Last year I had about one finish a month until I started my new job.  This year has had a very slow start as far as quilting.  In fact, looking back at my blog, I realize I haven’t finished anything since August of last year.  Almost 7 months!

This quilt started out a good number of years ago intending to look entirely diil_570xn-722818080_77g9fferent.  It is based on a quilt called Rattlesnake by Karen K. Stone.  If things had gone as planned, it would have turned out something like this quilt.  Though much brighter!  The colors were inspired by some of Karen Stone’s wilder quilts.

It was my first attempt at paper piecing, and I made a decent number of blocks before life interfered and they were put into a box.  When picked it up again last August, I decided not to make more, because I no longer had the set of fabrics I started with.  That led to the change in design.  A glimpse of some quilts by Carol Ann Waugh led to the quilting style.

It’s so big that I haven’t been able to get a particularly good picture, but this gives a decent view.

Finished Rattlesnake

I’m very happy with the finish on it.  I used a much more simple binding technique as far as joining the ends.  It looks good and is less troublesome than the technique I usually use.  You basically make a pocket sewing down only one side of the first binding end, and when you get to the end, tuck the remaining end into the pocket and then sew the whole thing down.  It ended up going much more quickly than the variation on Ricky Tim’s method that I usually use.

I made the binding a bit wider than I usually do — 2 1/2″ instead of 2 1/4″, then sewed the binding on from the back, flipped it to the front and sewed it down from the front using a serpentine stitch.  This was the first time my machine stitching landed properly in the minding on the back side as well as the front.  Might have been the wider binding, or just that I wasn’t trying to stay near the edge.  Either way, I am pleased!

I used a batik from Indonesia on the back, and I think the quilting looks rather interesting on the back as well as the front.   Linking this up with Sarah’s linky party at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and  TGIFF once they open.


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  1. Gorgeous…and who is the lucky recipient of this work of cuddly art?

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  2. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

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  3. Oh my – that is an amazing quilt! I LOVE the colors and the blocks!!

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  4. You must feel happy and relieved to have this quilt done, since it’s been underway for a while. And it was worth the wait.

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  5. Congrats on the finish! The seven month drought is over…right?! Beautiful finish and well worth finishing!

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  6. That is one gorgeous quilt! Who cares how many finishes you do if they are this beautiful!

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  7. Very Nice. Lots of work.

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  8. It’s beautiful! I like the new layout better than the original 🙂

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  9. The border stitching is fantastic! 😍

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  10. Congrats on your first finish of 2016. It’s a stunner. Isn’t it a pain when work interferes with our sewing!? Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

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  11. This is stunning. It makes me glad you had to set it aside, and then not make more blocks. The constraints you faced led to a creativity that far surpasses your original inspiration. Good work!!

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  12. All that stitching must have taken ages! Totally worth it though, it’s so beautiful! Well done on your first quilt of the year, I just finished mine a couple of days ago too. I was feeling somewhat self concious because I see on some peoples blogs that they are down ten already… But then I realised I’m probably just a normal person. 🙂

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  13. Love your quilts, the color and the design. Keep on creating beautiful quilts!

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