My stupendous stitching piece is now happily hanging on my wall and I absolutely love it.  Although I made it with the intention of taking it to the office and giving my office some personality, now that I have it on the wall at home, it may just stay there!

on the wall

The opposite wall currently houses two paintings that I am not very thrilled with.  I see replacement wall hangings in the future.

I only ran into one problem completing this little quilt — the rattail binding.  The project calls for a rattail binding, and I was eager to try out the new-to-me technique.  However, I have never done much ‘making’ outside of quilting, so I had absolutely no idea what satin binding/rattail (or rat-tail) cord was.  I really only know one shop in Hong Kong that has a wide variety of sewing supplies, so I headed there with the hope that either the staff would know what it was, or that it would be obvious to me.

“Maybe it’s one of these….”

More choices

Or over here?

tailor and alternation

Yeah, completely not obvious.  Not easy when everything is labled in Chinese and Japanese and though I can read all the labels, “rat-tail cord” clearly does not translate directly!  The store staff had no idea what I was looking for and offered bias tape as a possibility… In the end, I found this rayon…cord…that I thought *might* be rattail cord, and also picked up yarnthis gorgeous wool yarn that I thought I could use on other projects and that I might be able to use as an alternative to rattail if my other purchased turned out to be ill advised.

I am now 99% sure that the black stuff I purchased is not rattail cord.  In fact it is not ‘cord’ at all…I have no idea what it is supposed to be used for, but I think I have seen it used to tie up packages for shipping…

I used my black probably-not-rattail, really-not-cord on a test sandwich I had used for testing thread tension, first single layer, then double layer.  I also tested the colorful wool yarn and a strip of leftover fabric that I had.  I twisted it up and used it according to the instructions for the rattail binding.  Here’s my little test piece.  I forgot to change thread for the single layer of not-rattail so it is stitched on with red.  Here are some pictures of the different attempts.

I think that the twisted fabric might work quite well and give an interesting look, but I it was bulkier than I wanted for this piece.  The color of the yarn would need to be doubled up, but it wasn’t quite right for this piece either.  I ended up using the black cord, but doubled up so that it would be visible.  Although I do not think it is what was intended in the project instructions, I think it works pretty well.  At least I have learned a new technique!

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  1. That Hong Kong store looks like it would be great fun to browse. As to rat tail cord, maybe the Internet could have helped clarify just what it is. Carol Ann’s finishing method works better with material that’s less floppy than yarn. Guess how I know. Your piece looks vibrant and just the ticket to enliven your place.

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  2. In some ways this looks like a very simply piece, but the variety of stitches and colors make it really interesting to study. I’d sure enjoy art on my wall like that, too. Perhaps you’ll now make one for your office!

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  3. Yay! It looks so happy! And I love the pics of the fabric shop too.

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  4. That turned out lovely! I have that Craftsy class too, but I haven’t started my project yet.

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  5. This is gorgeous! The colors are amazing. I love the combination of machine quilting and hand stitching! It looks beautiful hanging on the wall!

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  6. This is stunning and looks like it was greathe fun to create. I’m off now in search of your process posts to read about how you created this!

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  7. Congratulations on the finish. It’s a great finish and deserves to be in your home. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ Anja Quilts.

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  8. Fabulous Quilt. Fabulous Art. For your home… but maybe another for the office. 😉

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