Soon to be Work in Progress

While I was reorganizing my fabric, I came across a few pieces I am excited to use for more stupendous stitching projects.  They are not yet works in progress, but I think they will be soon.  The pictures don’t capture them well but I see them as different seasons and moods.  Maybe this weekend I will be able to get started!

(P.S. I just realized that it is time for OMG goal setting for April, so I am editing this post to add that my OMG goal will be to finish a wall hanging with at least one of these fabrics.  I can’t quite decide which!)

fabric 1fabric 2fabrics 3


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  1. Lovely batiks! Looking forward to seeing what they become. I read the re-organisation post with interest – it’s funny how tastes change. You made me think that I really ought to do something similar with my fabric/UFO piles. 🙂

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  2. I recognize the bottom fabric as I have it in an orange/blue colorway. There’s only about a fat eighth left. All your fabrics would be great for stupendous stitching.

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  3. eye candy fabrics for creative inspiration in all aspects of (he)art. aren’t you glad you re-orged?

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