Finish Along 2016, Q2 Goal Setting

I really enjoyed last year’s finish along, but when the goal party started for the first quarter this year, I completely missed it.  Luckily I have some time for quilting this quarter and some ideas of what I want to do.

  1.  A scrappy quilt in browns, greens and golds, to use the fabrics in my stash that don’t
    Audrey’s Scrap quilt

    really fit my current quilting style.  I am really really not such a scrap quilt person, and when I do go scrappy, it is a very controlled, so this quilt may turn out to be a challenge.  However, I was inspired by a post at Quilty Folk, where Audrey talk about how she loves her random scrap quilt despite it not starting out as one of her favorites.  I hope mine will turn out to be similarly appealing.  I’ll either use something similar to her quilt’s design, or possibly something a bit more like this Chinese Coin quilt that I found over at A Day in May.

  2. Two wall hangings using the Stupendous Stitching techniques. I had so much fun with my last project, and I have three fabrics already chosen.  If last week had not been so stressful, I might have one underway already.
  3.  A quilt top using these gorgeous fabrics that have been calling to me.

      I think I found the perfect pattern to showcase them.  I want to use this block, designed by Christine Barnes at Artistical Alchemy.  I may try to get this ombre fabric as well.  I love the effect in her blocks.purple-rain-8-72-copy


That’s probably already far more than I can manage in one quarter, but there is also a slim chance for another top based on scraps.  It would use up my brighter scraps and florals.  It will probably depend on how much I end up liking the other scrap quilt…or not.



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  1. That ombre fabric is fun to work with. I boughtt it in 3 colors, and have used one so far. And I think controlled scrappy often produces a more attractive quilt. You can limit colors or values.

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