And then it happened.

Who knew my post last week would prove so prophetic.  My scrap quilt was proceeding at light speed, and giving me some mindless sewing relief from a stressful week.  I was going to have more free time over the weekend to possibly even finish up the top.

Over the weekend, I played with a number of layouts, and rearranged the blocks so that that some of the brighter blocks were more distributed and the same fabrics did not come together.  I wasn’t 100% pleased with the distribution of color, but I wasn’t unhappy enough to start taking blocks apart (somehow my yellows are only in a small number of blocks and those blocks may have more than 1 yellow…).  Since the blocks are so scrappy, I decided to only sew together one row at a time, to minimize the chance of mixing up block order.  When the first row had the last block added, I sewed together the first two blocks of row two, then just to be sure I had everything in order, I put the newly sewn row 2 blocks and the first row down to look at the overall layout.

Umm. Wait.  That’s not right.

My quilt alternates wide blocks with narrow blocks, with several wide blocks together in the middle of the quilt.  But instead of that, the top block had  narrow-wide-narrow-wide-NARROW-wide…Grrr.  I had somehow sewn the wrong edges together.  Now, I usually do not unsew, but this was a major error.  I unstitched one seam, ironed the pieces flat again, and resewed it in the right order, ironed it, and layed it out.


That’s when the swearing began. (Mom, if you are reading this, it is a figure of speech.  Really.  *cough*)



Patches of fabric matching up in at least 4 places…now one of those was there before, but now it matches on both sides!  And that dark fabric at the bottom that runs across two whole blocks….Fixing this mess requires unstitching at least two seams, maybe 3…I don’t know, maybe 4!  How the heck did I do that?

I have decided to leave it for now and work on the rest of the quilt and the other scrap blocks I have been playing with.  When the rest of it is together, hopefully my rage will have subsided and I can think calmly about how to fix this mess.

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  1. It’s weird, but I find that really random “reach in and grab the next bit” piecing does have a habit of doing this sort of thing. Kind of makes sense, in a way – true randomness (e.g. randomly generated numbers) is much “clumpier” than you might think – an even distribution of anything takes planning!

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  2. I’ve been there! It was a quilt I made for my mom and I was so frustrated. I fixed *most* of it…

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  3. Frustrating indeed! I have mellowed toward unsewing, but still, there are limits to my patience too. Here’s to a satisfying ending.

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  4. It’s the worst feeling I know. On a positive note it’s looking great, lovely colour mix.

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  5. I winced in sympathy as I read about your experiences. Personally I think the pieces swap places when your back is turned. I have to lay out everything in advance and put the just sewn bits back in place so I don’t mess up. Yes, this goes counter to efficient chain piecing, but I’ve made haste and repented at leisure too often.

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  6. LOL, been there too! Happens to some degree with just about every scrap project I do. Visiting from Linky Tuesday

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  7. It is perfect. What that is is “bleed.” One print is bleeding into the next row. It’s perfectly, normal. as is typing while barely drink. Dunl. Drunk. 🙂

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  8. Now I have had my morning giggle! I have been away so I am catching up with all your HARD work! Your quilts always amaze me… even if there is swearing in the background. HA HA HA

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