Love, Infatuation, and Regret

Every few years, I get drawn in by some fashion trend.  Chances are it has been around for a bit (probably the fact that I have started to be interested in it is proof it is on its way out!), and advertisements and sales tactics have had time to work on me. I begin to think…you know…maybe…my wardrobe is a bit boring.  I should get out of my comfort zone.  I visit my favorite shop…and the outfits do look wonderful…and I become infatuated with something that really isn’t me.  Most recently it was green pants….The infatuation may last a season or two, or it reality may hit me after only a few wears.

This quilt is the quilt version of my unwise clothing purchases.


There are quilts made using this kind of random strip placement that I love.  They are generally in solids.  This top has about 30 fabrics, including a significant number that I chose because I just couldn’t envision using them in quilts I wanted to make today, and leftover strips from fabrics I still love.  I loved cutting up the pile of unloved fabrics.  I loved sewing the strips together randomly and making the basic blocks.  I even re-discovered the beauty in some of my unloved fabrics. But…this quilt just isn’t me.  Aside from the colors, which aren’t my favorites, it’s just…too busy, too disorganized.  And the fabrics have been drinking!  They are bleeding into one another everywhere!

After I had enough blocks for the top, I still had strips leftover so I began making half-square strip blocks.  A little bit of sewing and I had this:

Barn raising

Or it could be this!


Why didn’t I do this with all the fabrics instead?  The half-square quilt is so much more appealing to me than my random strip quilt.  Of course, now I do not have enough light strips to make enough blocks for a full size quilt.  I have been considering using the half square blocks with some borders to make the ‘front’ of a quilt, and putting my random strip top as the back, so that I will have something I find more appealing, but it might not work given how few blocks I have.  It might just become a wall hanging.


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  1. I think the strip top would be a fabulous back to something you like better. Or it could be a donation quilt. Or you could call it fabric, and cut it all up again, mixing it with something more subdued and less bleedy. Or … you get the drift. I actually like it a lot, but you don’t seem to much. No harm done. It’s just fabric. And think of how much you learned!!

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  2. I try to do all my experimenting in charity quilt sizes–whatever the design outcome, they will keep someone warm.

    I really like the HST versions of your strips. Random is not for me either, though I do have fun with improv sometimes.

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  3. Its hard to believe the two quilts were made with the same fabrics. I have fabrics I don’t use and can’t see myself ever using, I have been meaning to have a sort out but felt guilty thinking of using fabric I really didn’t like in a charity quilt. After reading your post I can now see the potential in my fabric, perhaps with the addition of s few lighter fabric strips as most of my rejects are darker tones. A great thought provoking post. Thank you.

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    • Actually, I have the same sort of mixed feelings about giving a quilt I am not very happy with to charity. If it isn’t something I would give to a friend, I feel equally uncomfortable giving it to charity. Might need to make a post out of that topic….


      • I’ll be interested to read it. Sometimes what we don’t like, others do. And if one is cold, being warm is more important than what a quilt looks like. OTOH, I don’t skimp on quality.

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  4. I do so hope you continue with the bottom version of your HST layout. It has purpose and direction, which I think is what you feel is missing in your random scrappy top. Actually, if you added solid strips in just one color vertically through the blocks you might get it to tie together better. My eye keeps looking for repetition. And of course you could simply slash it and use portions to spawn other tops.

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  5. You’ve already got alot of great ideas in the comments already but I figure I’d add in what I would probably do 🙂 I think I would treat the quilt as a new fabric and just cut it to make a new block and contrast it with a solid. I would be tempted to make just one quilt block but quilt sized 🙂 so that way you could still see the pattern in the pieced bits and I think it would help make it more striking! 🙂 I love the HST stuff you got going on too!

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  6. Unwise clothing choices… too funny. I do like the last one the best… but I love them all!

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