Reorganization Inspiration

Last week I heard a crash in the living-dining area, but couldn’t identify where the sound had come from.  I knew it wasn’t all in my head because the dog was also concerned, but his tracking skills are apparently weak, so we decided to ignore it.

Quilt Inspector at rest.jpg
After a brief search for the origin of the sound, the Quilt Inspector went back to dreaming of new quilts.

A few days later, I opened a cabinet that was once my built-in computer desk/office (thank you, Ikea) but had been adopted by my son, and I discovered that two of the shelves had broken due to overload!  However, this is a blessing in disguise.  Since my son is at college and no longer needs a work space at home, and I actually don’t need much space for a home office, I am going to take over some of that cabinet for my quilting supplies.  I suspect creating my sewing supply area will be a summer-long project, but it will be fun to have everything easily accessible at the end of it.

I’ve been thinking about how to store my various supplies, including orphan blocks and fabrics I have pulled for projects that I have not yet begun working on.  While in Hong Kong, I came across a stationery store that had such a variety of beautiful containers with all kinds of colors and patterns.  I thought I would share it with you.

So how do you keep all your quilting bits and bobs?  And scraps!  Do you have an organized system?  I would love to hear about it!



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  1. I have all my fabrics in one cabinet (which isn’t strictly true, but very close to true.) And I have scraps and some other things in rolling drawer units (plastic ones, from the big-box store) under my cutting table. That holds all my fabrics, scraps, bags, a few projects, and a few other weird things, between all that. Then for the other stuff I have most of it in one of 2 places, depending on where I use it. It is pretty neat and compact, but not necessarily beautiful. I like my space and I don’t ever think it needs to be reorganized, so I must have it pretty close to right.

    Good luck with your sorting and storing!

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  2. I wish I could tell you about an organized system! I have a plastic tub of scraps and another of strips, all mixed for now.Goal to organize by color. I have a tub for works in progress (many tops waiting to be quilted mostly–a few fabrics pulled for a project). and that is as far as it gets.

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  3. My organization challenge is my scraps collection, which is a mashup of bits grouped by size (strip width/small squares) and color. Then, there are fabrics grouped by landscape, silk, organza, and hand dyed works in progress. Yardage I hang in the closet. And don’t get me started on my ability to organize my supplies so logically I can’t find anything. Good luck.

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