Quilting has begun

There’s not too much yet, but I have ideas about what I will do with the quilting.  I am, of course, unable to do just a simple design.  I am trying to keep it fairly straight forward though!  Possibly something flora in the yellow areas, while allowing the dark green to puff up, then another design in the side borders.

My side borders are a bit wonky so I am trying to hide them.  I had friends visiting and one of them noticed the quilt sitting by the sewing machine and began pulling up the top to see how it was constructed, so they are no longer sticking to the batting.  It seems I will need to iron it again and maybe spray adhesive again to keep it in place.  Encouragingly, some of the friends visiting really loved the quilt.  I may end up giving it to them!

some qulting

The quilt inspector also likes the quilt.

Quilt Inspection

Linking this up to Let’s Bee Social and I May Have A Scrap Problem.


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  1. This is going to be a very pretty quilt. I love your quilt inspector.

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  2. What a scrappy and happy chevron quilt! The quilting is coming along very nicely. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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  3. The Quilt Inspector is a Pride and Joy! I will be watching over as well!

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  4. Always good to have a recipient in mind to spur completion of a quilt. Have you made a dent in your scraps?

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