Finish Along Q2 Has Ended….

This has definitely not been one of my more productive quarters!  I started with a list of only 3 goals, and I have only really more-or-less managed one of them, though I have started on the second!  When I set the goals, I thought the the one I would be most likely to complete would be a stupendous stitching wall hanging, but that got set aside.

What I did manage to do was finish quilting my scrap quilt (goal 1) made up of fabrics I no longer love (though I was able to rekindle the romance with some, once I cut them up into little pieces…That sounds rather creepy! I do not recommend it for dealing with other things..or are no longer enamored of!).


I also started on Goal 3, a quilt inspired by this block, which I found over at Artistical Alchemy.  Mine does not have the lovely ombre fabric.  In fact it does not have anything on the outside yet.  I am still working on the insides.  I am enjoying this quilt so much.  It is a bit fussy in that it requires pins for the tiny strips between fabrics, but I am working with favorite fabrics and getting to play with color and pattern.  No pictures yet, but I should have some tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Finish Along Q2 Has Ended….”

  1. Ah yes, not getting as much done as wanted… This year has been different for me. I have so few finishes, not that numbers matter. But it is different. Right now I’m trying to get 3 more projects to DONE before next Monday’s guild meeting. !!! Guess I should leave the computer and go work on that. 🙂

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