Work in Progress and Goal Setting

It’s time for July goal setting for the OMG (One Monthly Goal) linkup, and I am getting in under the wire.  My goal for this month is to finish all the block centers for my latest quilt, which has yet to get a name.  With any luck I will get a bit further than just the block centers (if I did not just jinx myself!).

I am really enjoying this quilt.  I am using beautiful fabrics that I have been hoarding, so just seeing them out makes me happy, and I love  seeing the different combinations I can make with them.  I find myself playing with fabric combinations and admiring the block centers when I should be doing other things!

I love the impact of the tiny separators between fabrics.  They are a bit fussy, but they give definition to the individual fabrics and I think allow some combinations that would not quite work if the fabrics were next to one another.  Here are a few of the block centers that I have made. I’m sharing the blues but there are far more colors to come! Sadly by the time I realized I needed to post, the light was gone, so the pictures do not do the fabrics justice.  Amazing how all the loose threads you don’t notice show up in pictures as well…

blues 2Blues

I’m linking this up to One Monthly Goal and to Let’s Bee Social.  It’s nice to have something to share!



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  1. Connie Kresin Campbell July 7, 2016 — 10:14 pm

    I really like the small sliver of fabric between each piece of the blocks.

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  2. It’s a great pattern for showcasing fabrics. I too like the fine line between fabrics in your blocks. Had a chuckle at the thread showing up in photo–happened to me recently too. Reminds me of a time I took a photo of my street and right in the foreground was a trash can I’d not noticed!

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  3. I had to read Connie’s comment to realize what I was seeing was small pieces of fabric between the main pieces. I thought it was some sort of bead or perhaps a safety pin. Ok, not looking carefully! Fun fabrics.

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  4. I totally get why you’d want to hurry up and get to this fabric – forget those past loves.

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  5. Gorgeous fabrics, no wonder you’ve hoarded them. But now you’re using them really uniquely with the slivers of fabric, very clever detail and that does set each one apart.

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  6. Gorgeous fabric used in a unique pattern. You are right, the sliver of fabric gives definition to the fabrics,, a unique choice. Good luck with your finish.

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  7. I would never have thought of adding those skinny definition lines, but they certainly add a layer of interest that makes the extra effort worthwhile!
    I always see loose threads and cat hairs on blocks in my photos too.

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