Making Progress

I have finished the block centers for my new quilt (which probably needs a name!), and have even decided on a layout.  You’ll see in a minute why I need the layout of block centers before I begin adding the surrounding portion of the block.


I used the tonal filter on my phone’s camera to check how the fabric tones change across the quilt.


I plan to use a variety of fabrics ranging from black through greys to whites surrounding the blocks, so that the background moves from dark to light across the quilt.  I have accumulated quite a collection of greys!  But I need to make sure there is sufficient contrast both in tone and in hue.  Here’s that I have to work with.


Some of them may not make the cut, but here they are through the tonal filter.  The fabric on the far right below is probably not the best choice.given the very strong contract between the black circles and the off white background.  I have tried several blocks against it and actually liked it though, so we’ll see.

tonal outer

Since there are 24 fabrics and 30 blocks, deciding how to use them is a bit of a challenge.  I have divided them into 6 groups and am planning to use the different groups in diagonal swatches across the quilt.  We’ll see how it goes!

Completing the block centers was actually my One Monthly Goal for July, so I am ahead of where I thought I might be.  If all goes well, I might even finish the top this month.



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  1. I think you’ll get a better idea how well the more highly contrasting b&w fabrics work once you lay out all the block surrounds. I’ve been surprised to find out that what looks good with an individual block can stick out like a sore thumb in an overall layout. Yup, that tonal filter is your friend.

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    • I actually took it out as it really will stick out. I will have to find some other use for it! We have so many handy tools like the tonal filter and even the phone camera to keep the layout straight. The Quilt Inspector chose the top of my laid-out blocks to spin and jump last night…so grateful I had a picture!


  2. I’ve only just recently been using the tonal filter on my phone camera and have found it to be very useful. Your collection of grey fabrics is very nice and I can’t wait to see this project evolve!

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  3. That is a wonderful project that you are having in the make. I alloking forward to seeing you making progress =)

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  4. Very nice blocks! And you do have quite a pretty collection of greys. Neutrals are one thing my stash needs a little help on. Looking good!

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  5. I love the idea of the moving grey background. I always find it kind of tricky to do hombre, but I love the effect. This looks like a really fun project. Can’t wait to see it finished. Isn’t it fun to play with color?

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