Work in Progress…Thursday

In progressI’m well on my to finishing my latest quilt top, which still needs a name.  After much auditioning of fabric, rearranging, adding new fabrics, removing the same fabrics, adding them back, rearranging again, and general fussing about, I got the effect I want, for the most part. I won’t give you a picture of the full final layout because I expect to have the top finished by Saturday, Sunday at the latest.  I’ll save the full layout for my next post.

In addition to my quilt blocks, I also have quite a collection of scraps, some from carefully cut block borders that in the end did not make the final layout.  It’s amazing how using up fabric in a quilt seems to generate so much more fabric!

The task of choosing fabrics was not made easier by a seemingly small change in my household arrangement.  Some weeks ago, I moved the Quilt Inspector’s crate into my bedroom, and began to require him to sleep in it at night.  Previously he had full freedom of the living room, but he had not been using that freedom wisely and he fussed too much if left in the crate in the living room.  To encourage him to appreciate the crate, I give him a small treat each night, which has led to enthusiastic leaping and spinning when it is time to go into the crate, and again when he is let out.  Since I do not have a design wall and have been laying my quilts out on my bedroom floor, this enthusiasm has been causing some difficulties.


Lucky for him, it is hard to stay mad at someone with a face like this:

I’m sorry…Please feed me.

Sharing this over at Let’s Bee Social.  It’s a fun way to see what others have been working on.



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  1. Looks as if you have been a really busy bee. I am looking forward to seeing the final layout in your next post. =)

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  2. Yes, that face would be hard to say no to. I have a quilt inspector myself and his face says, “You know very well this is my favorite spot to lay down, why would you put a quilt here.” 🙂 I move the quilt and he decides it isn’t his favorite spot anymore. Silly puppies.

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  3. Glad you’re more enthusiastic about this quilt than the last one. I can’t wait to see it. I think you and the Quilt Inspector need a design wall.

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