And Here It Is!


As expected, it didn’t take too much time to finish piecing the my latest top.  I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out.  If there were a quilt shop nearby I would have run out to find one or two fabrics I suspect, and there is one grey in particular that is too dark and should probably have been replaced with a repeat of one of the other fabrics, but not bad for a quilt drawing entirely on fabrics in my stash.  I am looking forward to quilting it. I need to get someone to hold it up so I can get a better picture!

I have used roughly 58 fabrics in this quilt (I need to do a more careful count), including 24 neutrals and favorites from my stash.  I included quite a few fabrics from the Handcrafted line by Allison Glass. In fact, they were among the first fabrics I chose for this quilt and pulled the rest of my fabrics around them.  Some of the fabrics did pose something of a challenge, however.

handcrafted 4

See that red and white flying geese fabric on the top left?  I had that fabric in several colorways, and while I adore it, there is quite a lot of empty space in the design.  I didn’t have too much of any one fabric, maybe a fat quarter or a half yard, and I didn’t want to ‘waste’ fabric by cutting out only the flying geese, so I decided to just cut strips without regard to where the geese were on the fabric.  However, that left me with a fabric that I just couldn’t position so that the geese would be prominent.  I think of this as my ‘hidden geese’ block.

hidden geese

After that, I decided I would have to live with increasing my neutral scraps and cut my strips so that I had more geese to work with.  Here’s an example of one of the blocks:

flying geese

Some of the blocks have some luminosity, while others are quite delicate.  From a distance, it looks to me like one could be looking through the panes of a window and seeing a fractured world beyond.  I will have to think about how that effect can be strengthened with the quilting.

I am thinking I may call it “Through the Looking Glass.”  What names suggest themselves to you?

I’m sharing this post over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Show Off Saturday.




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  1. Isn’t it nice to have a project go well? The blocks with yellow/chartreuse centers really glow. And yes, it’s hard to fussy cut cherished fabric, but then you bought it for that pattern, so it’s OK. The only other name for this quilt that occurs to me is dusk to dawn, as the blocks seem to span the colors you might see at those times out a window. I look forward to seeing how you quilt this.

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  2. How about naming it “Through the Window”? Looks pretty neat to me (although i don’t have experience naming quilts :p) The Pattern is really pretty, though!

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  3. From the way it’s laid out on the floor, it looks like stained glass windows, with the yellows really glowing. It does look like sunrise or sunset, with the fiery glow fading away. A beautiful piece. Is it your own design? Your interpretation and color choices are what make it special. Congrats!

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  4. aha, I found more pictures!! Love your quilt so much, and the broken/altered geese!

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