Bits and Pieces

I have started working on a backing for my latest quilt, using scraps from the front. I have made a few block centers that I am thinking I will surround with other fabrics from the quilt top.  They vary a bit in size, which may give the blocks a wonkiness that will add interest.  The rest of the backing will probably be white fabric I have leftover from another project.  At least that is my thought at the moment!

I won’t need too many blocks, so this will barely touch my scraps. Here’s what I have so far.




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  1. very interesting! Can’t wait to see it.

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  2. The way your back is looking, you may want to make it the front of another quilt.

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  3. A two-sided quilt! I definitely need to get over the “I’m done” feeling that makes me go for the easiest one fabric backing. Looking forward to seeing the finished back.

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