August’s One Monthly Goal

ombreI have been debating about a goal for August. My July goal was quite modest, just to finish the block centers for my current quilt.  I did that, finished all the blocks, and put together the top, so clearly July was more productive than expected.  Also, the project went well, which always boosts productivity! Unfortunately, I have not been reading blogs lately, so I missed the monthly linkup to show what I had achieved.  Hopefully this time I manage.  If not, it may be the end of project goal linkups for me for a bit.

So the question is, will August be equally productive? It seems unlikely. I am preparing for the start of the new term and trying to maintain the exercise schedule I started on this summer, plus I have a few study circles going on weekends.  Though I am tempted to make finishing the quilting my monthly goal, I am going to keep it modest again.  Better to under promise and over-achieve.  My goal is to finish the quilt back and get the quilt sandwiched.  With any luck, I will begin quilting it as well.



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  1. That seems like an achievable goal. Then if you do more, BONUS!

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  2. Far better to be realistically modest than to be optimistically grandiose. You’ll come out looking much better.

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  3. Sounds like a sensible approach to more than just quilting. And now I’ve also learnt that quilts can be sandwiched, which perplexes and intrigues me!

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  4. Great goal, and it eases the pressure about quilting decisions! I really love your use of color and look forward to more pictures, but I will be patient! Thank you for linking up, I am so sorry you missed the finishes last month!

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  5. Congrats on surpassing your milestone!

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