Where did August go?

[WARNING:  If you are my son and reading this, TURN BACK NOW!  Do not scroll down.  Do not read on!  Do not pass go!  Do not collect $200.  GO DIRECTLY BACK to whatever else you were browsing! Sorry about the $200.]



I have been thinking about posting since last week, but was completely shocked when I opened my blog and saw I had not posted since August 4.  After that last post, I got a few more small scrap blocks made, but then had to clean up (read move) my sewing area because I had guests coming and actually needed the dining room/kitchen peninsula.  That was great, but then somehow, I went into a complete funk.  I had no energy for anything.  No quilting, no work preparation, nothing but the bare minimum that needed to be done.  Luckily at the end of last week, I was finally jolted back to normalcy (okay, what passes for normal for me!) and got my desire to do things back.

I finished up my August goal of backing and sandwiching my Dawn to Dusk quilt (working name, thank you, Joanna!), using my dining room table as a surface to spray baste it rather than the floor.  A great improvement!  I did not use the improve blocks I have been working on for the backing.  I love those little blocks and I think they deserve to be in their own quilt.  Instead I did a simple black, white and grey graphic backing.  I haven’t taken a picture yet, but you will see it eventually.


Next, I began working on the first of two requests from DS — wall hangings to decorate his dorm room.  One will be a landscape of Japan, and the second is a complete surprise.  He has a single room this year and is putting a lot of thought into getting it looking good.  I am very happy he actually asked for me to make something! I always have a bit of hesitation when I give people my quilts, especially if they have not asked.  Homemade gifts are wonderful when you are under 10, but I remember my own and my mom’s bafflement when adult siblings gave home made art or crafts to family members that somehow just didn’t fit…(the gifts, not the family members).  And gifts I gave that I later found in my father’s basement (To be fair, store-bought, but I think my dad had a whole section of his basement devoted to gifts from my brother and me!).  So the fact that he wants something I made to decorate his walls is great.

So the first of these wall hangings is almost ready actually.  It is quilted and ready for binding.  I will just give a hint here, then post it when I have sent it off.  Can you guess what this will be?


Sharing this at Let’s Bee Social.  Hopefully I’ll have a finish to share this Friday, or at least next Friday!




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  1. I too find that if I have to put a project away, it is very hard to get it out again. Glad you did.

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  2. It’s always nice to get requests for quilts from your nearest and dearest. Of course, my son would have nothing on his walls if it weren’t for my wall hangings. And sometimes life takes precedence over quilting.

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