One Monthly Goal for September

Last month I managed to make my One Monthly Goal, but once again I missed posting the finish.  I should probably give up on trying to join goal setting parties, but I’ll give it one more go.

I would love to do more work on Dawn to Dusk, but my first priority this month is another quilt to decorate my son’s dorm room.  DS spent an extended period of time in Japan during his gap year, and he loves the country and the people.  I want to make him a landscape quilt with an iconic view from not too far from where he was living.  I love traditional Japanese architecture, so I have chosen a picture that should be relatively easy to work with but still capture the flavor of the country.

Japan fukuyama area

My plan is to do the main landscape with strips, but use fusible applique for the torii, similar to what I did with the Quilt Inspector.  I made one landscape quilt with strips years ago, but it is the one quilt I have given my mom that is not displayed somewhere…not a good sign! Let’s hope this one is more successful!



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  1. Sounds interesting. I am making a switch from bed quilts to wall quilts and an exploring different methods. I hope I get to see what you do with this picture!

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  2. Your photo looks inspiring, love the deep colors yet tranquil feel. Thanks for linking up with One Monthly Goal again! I hope you make it back for a post, but Instagram will work faster if needed. I am heading over there now to find you 🙂

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