Oh Look!

There is actually some quilting going on!  Finally!  It is the (very) beginning of a landscape fabricsquilt to decorate DS’s dorm room.  It has actually progressed since this photo and is now beginning to look like a landscape.  I’ll save that for another post.

This quilt will have to be made quickly as DS wants to take it back to school with him when he leaves, January 2.  It will be strip-based landscape inspired by the feature image in this post.  Inspired by, but only inspired!

Since it is a strip quilt, it is not too difficult in many ways, but I am working only from stash, so gradation may be a challenge in some ways.  The biggest challenge, though, is the temple gate.  I plan to do it much like I did the Quilt Inspector wall hanging, using a fusible web to ‘glue’ the pieces to the background of the quilt.  We shall see how it goes!  As I am mostly on vacation now, there should be more quilting and more pictures!



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