Well on the way

The top for my son’s wall hanging is largely finished.  Here’s the current state.



There is extra length on both sides so that I could adjust the strips as I was making the top, and there are extra strips on the top and bottom (not all of which you can see) because I got a bit carried away.  As it is here, the gate is rather lost, so I am thinking of cropping it down to something like this:


I was trying to get a sense of where to crop and used some extra fabric I had set out to cut strips to cover unwanted edges.  I rather like the way it looks with borders. I could use the blue/purple on the left all around the quilt.


Making the gate was quite troublesome.  I had enlarged and traced a photo of it, then transferred that to fusible web and fused it to the fabric I wanted to use.  My idea was to fuse the pieces the finished top, but two problems arose. One was that I wanted some reflection shown in the strips, and I couldn’t do that unless I knew exactly where to put the gate and ideally had its pieces stuck together so they could be moved as one unit. In the end, the reflections didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them, but it was a factor at the start.

Not quite finishedThe second issue was that it was just very hard to get the pieces to stay in one place so I could iron them down.  When I made the quilt of the Quilt Inspector, I had one large piece of fabric that formed the main  body and face, so I could iron smaller pieces to it.  I did not see how I could do that with this piece and needed another approach.

I tried fusing the pieces to interfacing I had placed over the traced photo, but the interfacing I had one fusible side, so it was hard to get everything put together without getting the fusible bits stuck to my ironing board or to my iron (I tried it various ways!).  I did eventually get the larger pieces stuck to the interfacing, then remembered I could use glue to stick to position everything.  I probably should have used glue to stick the pieces to the top, and then finished piecing the lower water portion.  Finally, I cut away the spaces, and I had a workable gate that I could position on the top.  Not perfect, but workable.  One way or another, however, everything got done !

My next question is whether to try to use a satin stitch to finish the edges of the applique or just leave it rough.   DS thinks it would look better finished, but I am not sure how the threads I have will play with the changing colors of the fabrics I used.  I plan to make a small test piece and decide on that basis.



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  1. You have certainly been busy. A few thoughts for fusing. I think you can assemble a larger unit like the torii on a piece of fusing release paper (the shiny side) or parchment paper by lighting tacking the pieces down with the heat from your iron. Then you can move the whole unit onto the good background and press it in place. I think there may be better explanations of this process in books about fused applique. As to sewing down the edges, perhaps a narrow zigzag stitch will work better than a satin stitch unless you want a strongly defined edge. I’ve used invisible thread for this step so I don’t have to worry about color matching. Otherwise I’d go with thread to match the gate. Hope you get it finished in time.

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    • The good thing about this style of landscape is how quickly it comes together. I did fuse the pieces to the shiny side of the interfacing, but as the pieces were small, the surrounding interfacing adhesive tended to melt and if I wasn’t very careful, get on the iron. I will test the zig-zag edge. It seems like it would be better than a satin stitch.


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