So this was 2016

2016 has been a somewhat difficult year with lots of ups and downs.  Rather like 2015.  I think these have probably been two of the most difficult years in my life so far and I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2017 will get better.  This year has taken its toll on my quilting energy, and I did not accomplish much at all compared with previous years.  I have 3  finished quilts to show:

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The Quilt Inspector quilt hangs in my son’s dorm room.  The stupendous stitching quilt was given to my brother and his wife, and hopefully is not sitting in a closet somewhere.  I actually could not find my rattlesnake quilt just now, which instigated a frantic search.  I did find it though, folded up in DS’s bedroom closet, probably left there after I used it on his bed when a friend of mine was visiting.

I also managed to create 4 WIPs.  Problem Child is finished except for binding (I feel like there should be an acronym for that!).  I actually pulled out all my scraps and cut them down to binding width, so this could be finished quickly.  This picture is before quilting, but it does show the front and back.

front and back

Then there Through the Looking Glass (which may possibly be called Dawn to Dusk), sandwiched and ready for quilting, and the improve blocks made from its scraps, which I hope to make into a wall hanging.  Or something.  I still have scraps left to make more!

Finally, I have DS’s Japan quilt.  That, at least, should get finished by the end of the year.  with the extra strip piecing I did, I actually may make another smaller wall hanging as a bonus.




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  1. Inspite of what you call a bad year, I see beautiful completed projects! May your hobby be even more prosperous in 2017!

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  2. It looks like you have a jump start on 2017 with those lovely WIPs. Sometimes I find the quilting part can be calming when I’m sewing straight-ish lines, so that may help you deal with turmoil elsewhere in your life.

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