In Under the Wire

It’s done!  Okay, done except for attaching the quilt label.  I don’t always label my quilts, and when I do, I sometimes just quilt something in rather than create a label per se.  But for this quilt for DS, I wanted to try something special.  I used printable fabric I bought a long time ago to create special label for him.  So, once that is attached, it will be really done, adding another finish for 2016 and allowing him to bring it back to school with him.  Overall, I’m fairly happy with it.


I faced the quilt but used a new method without reading the instructions carefully, so I am not as pleased with the end result as with previous facing attempts.  However, he is quite pleased with the quilt,which is what matters most.  The label is still drying, but here it is.  DS and I are both Doctor Who fans, as you might guess.


Now for New Year’s!  I have friends coming to my house to watch the New Year’s Fireworks show, except that we won’t be having fireworks here in Macau.  The display, which is usually quite something, was cancelled this year, because apparently the ‘materials for pyrotechnics’ will not make it here in time.  The government announcement of the cancellation also mentioned that the company in China that was responsible for the fireworks this year will not be getting paid the approximately 275,000 dollars they were to be paid.  Methinks someone is getting fired.  And their assistant.  And their assistant’s dog.

So in lieu of a picture of fireworks for New Year’s, I offer a glimpse of the Angry Birds lady walking through the airport.  As you can see, I was not the only person intrigued!


Happy New Year’s to all!  May 2017 be a wonderful year!

P.S. Linking this up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Last linky party of the year!  Also linking up to a new linky party I came across, Finished or Not Friday.  Sounds like my kind of linky!

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts




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  1. Wonderful quilt for your son. No wonder he is pleased with it. The colors are vibrant and the values well-balanced. Also I love the P.S.

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  2. I see you stuck to your resolve about the quilting – simple but effective. And it’s done! Sorry about your fireworks. Someone let that angry birds lady go out in public like that?

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  3. Wow, amazing quilt for your son. I’ve visited Miyajima a number of times, so especially love your interpretation of it.

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  4. Happy New Year! I love the quilt!

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