Quilting Begun

I’ve been inspired to quilt and have made enough progress in my preparations for the coming term that I’ve actually had time for quilting.  I’ve started with the background of Dawn to Dusk (or Through the Looking Glass…still can’t decide on the name!).  My general idea is to keep the quilting on the background plain so that it does not distract from focus on the block centers, then go all out on the block centers.  I started with simple straight line quilting in the sashing.  Sorry for the generally wrinkliness in these pictures!  Clearly I did not smooth it down when I laid it out to take pictures.


Now, quilting straight lines like this is rather boring for me, though it goes reasonably quickly.  I am doing simple 1/2″ spacing, but I was thinking I could go back and add occasional extra lines to give a bit more variation, possibly adding one of the colors from the center blocks.  Then I got an idea.  I realized that if I alternated quilting long and cross-wise sections of the background, I could create a woven effect.  I added one section of cross-wise quilting.  It’s not much yet, but I think you can see the beginning of the effect.


I’m not entirely sure it is a good idea as it might give the back extra attention to the background.  However, either way, the Quilt Inspector is happy that I am quilting something large enough that I need to lay out on the floor so that he can get on with his quilt inspecting.


Linking this up to Let’s Bee Social. Always fun to see what people are working on!


4 thoughts on “Quilting Begun”

  1. I think if you keep your thread colors neutral in your background you’ll get a lot of texture but not so much detraction from the blocks themselves. I assume you’ll be using more thread color in the blocks? Glad you are having a chance to quilt.

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