I have been quilting but there is not enough progress to show.  Instead, a glimpse of the Venetian Shopping mall in Macau.  I love the reflections.





2 thoughts on “Venetian”

  1. Wasn’t Macao colonized by the Portuguese? Can you ride in the gondolas? I can’t see any shopping mall in the U.S. having such a feature – a lawsuit waiting to happen with the water and the oars. The lawyers would be all over it.

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    1. It was a Portuguese ‘protectorate’ (read colony) until 1999. You can ride the gondolas and the have singing gondoliers no less. The ceiling of the mall is painted to look like the sky, and they change the lighting so you feel like time is passing (without actually being able to tell what time it is!). I think the Venetian in Las Vegas has the same design.


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