Background Finished

Finally!  After I got 3/4 of the way through, I realized that the way I was doing the background wasn’t really creating the illusion I wanted so I switched to an easier way, allowing quilt lines to cross.  I wish I had 3-4 of these quilts so I could try different approaches to quilting them as in the book, Quilting Makes the Quilt.  I might try one with minimal quilting in the sashing.

You can see the overall look from the picture in the header of the Quilt Inspector inspecting my progress.  He also pointed out that it is quilt comfy and he approves so far:


Here’s how the sashing looks close up.


I have not yet stitched in the ditch around the center block, but I will do that when I quilt inside the block.  My plan is to use different motifs in the different sections of each block, but I am also considering starting with one motif in the dark corner and gradually morphing it into other motifs as I move across the quilt blocks so that it echos the color changes.

Sharing this over at Can I get a Whoop Whoop and Finished or Not Friday.


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  1. I like the contrast between the neutrals and the bright colors, it will be quite beautiful when you are finished! At first I thought your Quilt Inspector (I am going to call him QI) was sleeping on the job, but after reading your comments, he is actually doing a nice job of product testing.

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  2. These photos give me a much better sense of the great fabrics you’ve used. I don’t think you’ll need to get too elaborate in quilting the squares as the fabrics really can take center stage.

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  3. Wow! Love everything about this–the background fabrics, squares fabrics and quilting!!!

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