Oh Good Lord, I actually finished something

This has been a rare occurrence of late.  Every time I think I have gotten on top of things and will spending more time quilting (and blogging), it seems I find myself quickly overwhelmed, without either the time or the energy to pick up my quilting.  This morning I woke up with my work under control and a burning desire to get some quilting done.  I decided to see if I could bind my ill-fated scrap quilt from last summer. And here she is!

This quilt was quite a problem child.  I thought the strip design would be a fun and mindless way to use up fabrics I no longer adore, but when I started putting together the strip panels, I hated it.  I used my remaining scraps to make half square triangle strip blocks, which fit my sensibilities much more, but I didn’t have enough scraps left for a full top.  Then when I started quilting, I discovered wonkiness that wouldn’t quilt out, had tension nightmares, and quilted excess batting into the quilt more than once!.  After I finished the quilting, I folded the quilt up and set it aside thinking I might never pick it up again.

Luckily when it came to binding, the Problem Child was reasonably cooperative.  I had decided some time ago to use scraps from the strip quilt side of this quilt for the binding, so it didn’t take long to get the binding strips sewn together and pressed.  I like the look of the scrap binding but the seams created a lot of bulk.  Naturally some of the corners ended up with multiple seams, making mitering problematic. If I were to use scraps like that for the binding again, I think I would skip mitering!

I used a blanket stitch with some variegated thread I had sitting around for the lightning rails side, and a light grey for the back.  Here are some pictures of the effort,and some of the free motion quilting as well.

I plan to give this quilt to a friend who admired it when it was still in process. Hopefully she still likes it!

Sharing this at Finished or Not Friday and at Sarah @ Confessions of Fabric Addict’s Can I Get A Whoop Whoop Linky Party.  Sarah’s doing some wonderful star quilts this year and is a great place for ideas.  I also plan on linking up to Oh Scrap once it opens since this is one of my few scrap quilts!

One more linkup!  Paula shared that there is a Chinese Coins challenge going on.  Sharing that there as well! It will be fun to see what everyone has done.



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  1. Congrats on finishing! The one on the right makes me think of Kimlt. I like it!

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  2. Great job finishing! I love the lightning bolt side! I’m sure your friend, anyone, would love this quilt.

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  3. A finish always feels good, even if (sometimes especially if!) it’s not a favorite project! Congratulations on getting it done! I love that your friend admired it, so you’re giving it to her. It will be in good hands then!

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  4. At least you finished! That has to feel good!

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  5. Great admiration for hanging in there through all those tough times. I like both sides equally. The Ad Hoc Improv Quilts is doing a Chinese Coins challenge this quarter. You should enter this one. It’s a https://fretnotyourself.blogspot.com and yours definitely was a challenge.

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  6. I think it looks great! I find every quilt locates it’s perfect home and is loved . So will this one. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

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  7. Hurray for a finish! I’m sure your friend will like it – I certainly do!
    When I’m doing a scrappy binding, and see that I’m going to have a seam in a corner, I’ll stop, cut the binding, and insert another strip that will make it around the corner. I’ve done the mitering-a-seam thing and swore ‘never again’!

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  8. A lovely finish. Well done on staying with the “problem child”.

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  9. You deserve a medal for sticking with it through all those challenges. Oh, wait – your prize will be the joy on your friend’s face when you give it to her. Well don!

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  10. Congratulations are in order. Those last steps of binding, etc, can seem to drag on forever. But, you have the incentive of an intended recipient.

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  11. I like how you overcame the blahs and got this one to the finish! I prefer the triangle blocks too…the stacks seem to disorganized to my eye. Glad to have found you on the link-up

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  12. I like your free motion flower that you quilted on the problem child! Congratulations on staying the course and finishing! What’s your next project?

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  13. How well I know the feeling: so virtuous to use up the scraps and then annoyed when they don’t go together well and don’t inspire. But this looks lovely. I especially admire you made a two-sided quilt and your blanket stitch binding looks perfect front and back. I’m speechless. I need to learn. The best I can do is machine on back, flip, and topstitch. If I’m lucky, the topstitching doesn’t wander onto the binding on back.
    Thanks so much for linking with #AHIQChineseCoins. It’s always fun to see how far we can push improvisation.

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  14. I love your unpretentious quilt story. We’re on the same wavelength. I get bored with quilters who always do everything ‘perfect’ and have it all figured out. My quilting adventure has not been one of ‘follow the rules’. My life hasn’t been like that why would my quilting be like that?
    Not that I’m trying to be a rebel, that’s over rated, but life happens.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  15. I really like this, especially that it’s interesting on both sides. I was especially impressed with the last photo that shows all the wonderful details of the quilting, fabric prints and embroidery. Hurrah for the finish!

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  16. Well done for getting this finished and thanks for linking it up with AHIQ. I haven’t seen blanket stitch used on binding before but I really like how it looks and how it works with your piecing.

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  17. Had to laugh at your troubles with using up fabrics you no adored. Oh how many times I’ve thought the same thing and always, I run into difficulty because well, the fabrics just don’t sing to me anymore! Have to get creative in a lot of different ways or just chuck the whole thing. Congrats on getting through the whole process and having a great finish. Scrappy quilts really are the most forgiving in the long run!

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