A bit of Improv

Since it has been hard to sit down for extended periods for quilting, I decided to get out my the pile of scraps from recent quilts and make some improv blocks.  Whenever I pass by the sewing machine, I can play with scraps and sew one or two pieces, so I feel like I am actually getting some quilting in.

Dawn to Dusk (or is it Through the Looking Glass?) used a very narrow strip to divide blocks, and it left me with bits-and-bobsall kinds of interesting pieces to use with other scraps from my more recent quilts.  I made some blocks last August, and when I started pulling out my scraps this week, I thought I was down to quite a limited selection — just what is on the photo on the left.  That was until I remembered a box of scraps I had on one of my fabric scraps.   I still have a ton of scraps!  I swear they are breeding.

Here are a few of the blocks I got done.  Right now I have 14 colorful blocks and 3 with a grey background.  Initially I was using larger rectangles that were left over from making Dawn to Dusk, but I am running out of those, so I am starting to make smaller blocks.

I’m not quite sure what I will do with the wonky log cabin…I might need to add strips until I can square it up. Or make it more wonky friends…In fact I am not sure what i will do with any of the blocks!  My initial thought was a wall hanging but I may end up with enough blocks for a lap quilt.  Maybe frame them and then float them in a neutral background?  For now I will have fun making little blocks.

Linking this up to a few parties.  Take a look at all the quilting going on:

So Scrappy (though I am not sure I qualify for their linkup!)

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  1. One of the joys of improv piecing from scraps is the quick in, quick out nature of the work. You grab a few scraps you think will work together, sew and press them, and that’s it until next time. The harder part happens when you go to put them together. Your blocks are fun and I wouldn’t worry about the log cabin now. Once you decide how/if to join them all, you can square it up with other fabric or add it onto something else.

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    • That is very true! I was once hiking with friends and we came to a place where the trail split. One side had a clear hill, the other a gentle slope. But invisible to us, the steep slope led to a gentle walk and the gentle slope to a steep climb. My friend said our showed us our view on life — a demanding start followed by an easy ending, or an easy start but a hard slog. I usually go for the former, but not this time!


  2. LOVE your scrap pile! Such cute fabrics! And they are becoming really mod blocks! Great job!

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  3. Love what you have going! Absolutely scrumptious!

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  4. Sounds like a great plan; I have enough scraps to follow your example!

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