Believe it or not

I came back last week from a short but enjoyable trip to the US to visit family.  Remarkably, I have come back with No New Fabric!  This was not entirely intentional.  Since my last visit to my mom’s, a new quilt shop opened up that is much closer than the ones I usually visit.  It has some great fabric but since it was so close to my mom’s, I decided to think more carefully about what I really need and make a second trip once I had a clear plan.  Sadly, the second visit did not happen.  Good for my wallet but I still hear the faint call of fabrics that are sure they should be in my stash.

Inspirational ruler work by Patsy Thompson

I did not come home entirely without quilty goodies, however.  For my birthday last year, my dad gave me a ruler foot for my (domestic) machine. I love the look that long arm quilters achieve with rulers, and I have been eager to try out the new foot, but I did not have any appropriate rulers (rulers for use with the sewing machine are extra thick to prevent the foot jumping onto the ruler, which could damage your machine.). Before my trip, I ordered some and had them sent to my mom’s. So now I have these!


They are all by Lisa H. Calle, whose quilting I love.  Here’s one example from her gallery:

That particular piece has won quite a number of awards, including Best in Show at the AQS DesMoines show in 2010 and in the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in the same year.

So, there is small wall hanging in my future, I think.  I am not at all sure what I will do, but I’m excited to try out the new rulers.  One option is, of course, a whole cloth quilt.  But I am more inclined to take a simple block and see how I can use the rulers to help enhance the block with some elaborate quilting.  We shall see!


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