Two Potential Projects

Dawn to Dusk is folded and sitting on a table, waiting for me to get back to it, but I have two additional projects calling my name.  The first is my ruler quilting project.  I wanted something simple so I could experiment with the rulers I bought, so I started digging Orphan blockthrough scraps and orphan blocks.  I re-discovered my Kaffe Fassett-inspired diamond blocks that are waiting for re-inspiration, and found an orphan block I made the wrong size.  It’s not the greatest picture of the block, but here.  Not sure why the fabrics are not showing up in true colors.  The border on the diamond is more of deep maroon/purple.  You can also see a grey fabric at the top of the photo.  It’s a beautiful fabric made with grey and aqua warp and weft, I think an Oakshott fabric.  It is luminous and appears to change color when you look at it from different angles. It doesn’t have quite enough contrast with the main block to use as the background, but I think it would make a good border.  I have about a fat quarter.

I followed Lisa H. Calle’s approach to planning quilting, made a photocopy of the block and used tracing paper to try different designs with my rulers.  Here’s the idea that I find most appealing.  It may not be clear, but there are several layers of tracing paper.  The first is basic outlining of blocks with a 1/4 inch echo, then there is a layer with the ghost diamonds, followed by a layer with the designs inside the leftover space.


My next step is to put together the top.  Should happen quickly.

The second project that has been calling to me is yet another one for my son.  Many years ago I made two Japanese kimono quilt for my mom and one of her friends.  When I was my son and I were visiting my mom earlier this month, he expressed (again!) his desire for a similar one.  Here’s the one he likes:

Mom's Kimono e

In the choice of fabrics and in the style of kimono, it definitely has a feminine feel.  I would like to make something a bit more masculine for him.  I could do that by choosing more ‘masculine’ fabrics and by using the shape of men’s haori (a short kimono ‘jacket’ that was worn open or by keeping the length, adding some width and adding a triangular piece to show the ‘collar’.  You can see some examples of the two styles from pictures I found online:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My original thought was to use some darker traditional fabrics I picked up in Japan, but I also have a collection of kimono samples that I could incorporate. I am not sure they could be used together as the styles are quite different..maybe there are two more kimono quilts in my future!



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  1. Very pretty kimono quilt! Love seeing your ideas to make it guy-friendly. Your ruler quilting–great plan!

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  2. Hope the ruler work goes well. It’s great your son is a fan. The male kimono quilts sound like a great chance to use all sorts of fabrics.

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