Some progress made

My ruler quilt is sandwiched and ready for some experimentation.  I could have gotten started on the actual quilting, but I got distracted.  The first step will be stitch-in-the-ditch around major seam lines using the straight ruler…we shall see if it makes it easier, or if I will be returning to my walking foot for that!

Ruler quilt.jpg

I also have another, potentially quick, project.  While I was looking for an orphan block to use for my ruler work, I came across these panels I made while learning quilt-as-you-go.


I could put the panels together and have a wall hanging, but I also have a bag or two of small scraps that I could use to make more sections for a larger..and possibly more impressive quilt.  I like the idea of the quilt but to be honest, I am not sure how much I like it.  That may be why it has sat in a box for years!



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  1. Not being a longarm quilter I don’t get ruler work. I can see that straight lines aren’t the strong point of a longarm, but I guess I figure that’s what a domestic machine and walking foot are for. As for your QAYG blocks, depending on their size they might make nice placements, once fleshed out with a few more strips.

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  2. Yep, you have to try it to know.
    As to the panels. They are attractive. I’d say the next step depends on how much fun it was to make them. And whether a wall hanging or quilt would find a better home.

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  3. Good luck with your ruler work! It will be interesting to see what you do. It’s kind of a foreign concept to me, not being a long arm quilter.

    I like your panels you have started. My first thought was placemats too! 🙂 I need to try some of these. I’m swimming in scraps.

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