Where I am now

The weekend is barely started, and I have already gotten more quilting time in than in the previous month or two.  My ruler work experiment has started.  Here’s what I have so far.


The next stage will be to fill in the areas I want to be quilted down with some free motion filler designs and then see where that leaves me.  I am hoping the ghost diamonds will stand out more clearly.  I am wondering if rather than adding the zigzag at the top and bottom, I should have just filled the area in with some interesting filler.  I have a few ideas for the center diamond, but for now I am sticking to the white thread.  Btw, some of the odd lines you see on the quilt are hera markings and the residual lines from seams that have been torn out!

Most of what I have done has been done with the straight edge ruler and the ruler foot.  My feeling right now is that it is I could just as easily do it with the walking foot and a bit more marking, though the potential of being able to change directions without turning the quilt is appealing.  I have found it somewhat challenging using the ruler, main because I do not always keep it in place but also because I tend to forget that I need to take the extra 1/4″ of the ruler foot into account when placing the ruler.  The only place I have used the curved ruler I got is inside the ‘ghost’ diamonds.  Getting the placement right was quite challenging, and there are a number of seams that I ripped out.  The current result is far from perfect, but I think I now know what to do to adjust the curves.

Since the whole point of this piece is to play with the rulers, I am trying to use the circle ruler in the central diamond and possibly in the corner of the border, and then use the curved ruler again in the border.  Unfortunately this quilt keeps saying ‘angles’ to me rather than ‘curves’!  Here are some border ideas.  The curves are done with the inside and outside of the curved ruler.


Linking this up to Finished or Not Friday and Can I Have a Whoop Whoop. Head over and see what everyone is working on!


5 thoughts on “Where I am now”

  1. In the abstract I like the top row of quilt potential; for your quilt I like the second row.
    I think the quilting looks good–eager to see the fill. I think the zig zag looks good. I’d imagine it is pretty awkward the first time. So you have to do another one after you get the hand of it before you decide. Something like teaching two or three years before deciding what you think about teaching–as I was once told.

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  2. Do you find it difficult to hold the ruler while you move the cloth under the needle? I ask because it would seem a third hand would be useful in this process. And ruler work in quilting does seem to require lots of planning – something I’m quite bad at. I do see that the ability to change directions without pivoting the whole quilt would be a major plus.

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    1. It’s not as difficult as I was afraid it would be, and in fact it is less an issue of holding the ruler than holding it steady. I find the ruler can shift slightly as I quilt, so what should be a 1/2″ from the base line becomes 3/8″. I am hoping that I improve with practice.


  3. Ruler work is something I want to learn. I haven’t found an appropriate foot for my machine yet, though. If this is your first foray, it’s great! I like that sketch-out with the zig zags superimposed on the arcs. Very pretty. If you want to make the diamonds stand out more, you could add mini fillers between some of the zig zags in there?

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