Liking this so far!

I’ve been filling in the spaces in my quilt.  It’s fun because it is going quite quickly and I am seeing the quilt take shape.  Here’s where I am now:

Moving fast

I wish I had put another channel in between the bubbles in the ghost diamond and the ‘headband’ portion, but I would have had to un-stitch all of the inner curves and that did not sound appealing.  I did add another channel inside the center diamond, but it is not very visible on the batik. I am considering adding another channel so that it will show up better.

I need to decide on what to do in the center of the ghost diamond, but I will wait until I have finished the center diamond.  My current thought is a circle in the center of the diamond with some sort of interesting but relatively light motif inside, then dense quilting outside the circle.  I could then use the same motif in the outer diamonds.  Alternatively, I could do some curved crosshatching that isn’t too dense in the center of the diamonds…suggestions welcome!

I know what to do for the outer borders, but it will take some careful marking to get the design right.  Currently I am putting it off!

By the way, linking this up to Let’s Bee Social — you’ll find the button toward the bottom of the page.


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