I think the quilting is done…

Here’s where I am:


The original idea was to fill the outer channel with circles, the way I have done around the diamonds.  I am debating whether to do that or just leave it as it is.  Any opinions?

My original plan was to make a loop to continue the curvy part of the border from one side to the next, but I accidentally extended the filler quilting all the way into the corner. It is so dense that I thought it would be better to just leave it than try to pick it all out.

I am thinking of facing the quilt, because I do not have any more of the border fabric and I think a contrasting fabric would detract from the overall look.

Sharing this over at Let’s Be Social and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Hopefully next time I will be sharing a completed quilt!


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  1. I like it as is. The plain zigzag in the border echos the diamonds of the center without detracting from them. The circles in the center make those diamonds/partial diamonds stand out more.

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  2. I love the 3d-effect of the border as is. No more circles needed in my opinion.

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  3. Really nice. I wouldn’t change a thing. And yes, facing it, what a good idea. You’re right that changing the color with a different binding would distract. Good work.

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  4. You have been busy! Such an amazing piece of Art! Love it!

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