Hello Again

I’m not sure anyone who used to read this blog still checks it, but on the off chance someone does, I’m back! Two years and three months! That’s how long it has been since my last post, and even longer since i last posted a quilt I made. In the interim, just when I thought I had my life planned out, a completely unexpected opportunity arose, I took a new job, and moved to a new country (Israel). And just when I was beginning to settle in, Covid hit and life was turned upside down again. Somehow in all of that, and with a second lock down now in progress, I have started quilting again.

It began with a friend who had recently found she was pregnant returning to her home country. Less than a week before her scheduled departure, another friend and I decided she needed to go with a baby quilt. Up until that point, I had been thinking about quilting, pulling out my fabrics to admire them, and generally thinking quilty thoughts, but my sewing machine had not been touched. With less than a week to create a baby quilt, I was suddenly full of motivation.

Anyone remember this quilt?

I saw beautiful quilts pieced with seemingly random blocks of fabric, and wanted to try my hand, using a set of fabrics that I didn’t particularly like and thought I would be unlikely to use. I hated it. I used the strips I had pieced and created a more planned look on what was technically the back of the quilt (the right image) and liked it better, but I still didn’t love it.

I had lots of cut offs from that quilt that I could use to fast track the baby quilt. After several days of intense piecing and quilting, here’s the final result.

The design is quite simple, but I’m pleased with the result. I kept the quilting extremely simple, both because of time and because it is a baby quilt and I wanted it to be soft. The recipient loved it, and I am now off on my next quilt. I can’t believe after more than two years without a single stitch sewn, I am now well on my way to a second quilt in less than a month.

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