2020 Finish #2

I can’t believe I already have another finish, after over two years without any quilting. Like my last quilt, this one is another baby quilt and made with leftovers and scraps of both fabric and batting.

Many years ago, when I was quilting fairly large quilts and struggling to manage them under my domestic machine, I read about quilt-as-you-go and thought it might be fun to try.

The result of my efforts…were less than spectacular.

The bottom blue row and the top red one were already sewn together and quilted, but the darker purple and magenta were still separate blocks that would need backing and proper quilting. To be honest, they just didn’t appeal to me, and the QAYG process didn’t seem to allow me the freedom to add quilting as a coherent part of the quilt design. These blocks got set aside and, while not forgotten, ignored. In the meantime, though, I got a copy of The Modern Quilt Workshop, which included a quilt with gradations of color made with scrappy blocks somewhat similar to the ones in my QAYG blocks.

Fast forward to the beginning of my latest quilting frenzy. I had several bags of small scraps and an image in my mind of how I could add on to the leftover QAYG blocks. I did not have the book on QAYG, which did not make it into my moving shipment. I used the techniques in The Modern Quilt Workshop to make scrap blocks, and tried to remember the QAYG techniques I had used.

I cut scraps of batting into strips/blocks the size I wanted, or in some cases joined pieces to get the size I wanted, sewed scraps of fabric into scrappy “slabs” or blocks, joined those slabs together by sewing them to the batting, and put backing by quilting it to the block + batting sections “blocks”. So far, not too bad. Then came trying to join the sections together with sashing. I have decided I would much rather wrangle a full quilt and have the fun of thinking through the quilting designs than to fiddle sashing to join sections. Of course, since I did not have proper instructions, and didn’t like the ones I found online, I may have made things more difficult for myself. Or it might have been the fact that the sashing was so scrappy that it was hard to manage. I’m thrilled with the end result though even if it is a bit wonky.

I think it needs a name, really.

I’m even happy with how the back turned out…except for the scrap of fusible web that is stuck to a corner and that I have to figure out how to get rid of. I have made a significant dent in my scraps, and may pretend the quilt is mine until my friends get back to home and I have to give it to them.

When taking a picture of the back I also forgot that I now have a design wall. And an actual room for quilting! It is one of the pluses of the move. It’s small and not yet organized, but it’s exciting to have a space set aside for quilting.

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