Last year I enjoyed the A Lovely Year of Finishes link-up, which had you set a monthly goal to complete.  Unfortunately the person who was hosting that linkup decided to take a break, but Heidi at Red Letter Quilts decided to continue the spirit of ALYoF with OMG -- One Monthly Goal.  I missed the… Continue reading OMG

Free Brinks!

Unknown to the vast majority of humanity, a lone (and quite lovely) hotel in Kunming is conducting a quiet campaign to free Brinks.  Who Brinks is and what he needs to be freed from is unclear, but let us all consider what we can do to assist his cause. Clearly, I should have gotten one… Continue reading Free Brinks!

Engrish As She is Spoken

A friend of mine found the book English as She is Spoke years ago. It was a guide to English written by an Portuguese gentleman who apparently spoke no English himself but used a French-Portuguese dictionary and an French-English phrsae book to make his own guide to English.  As you can imagine, it is full… Continue reading Engrish As She is Spoken

One Time Underwater: Glimpses from China

This hotel room service menu has so much to recommend it, it is hard to know what to focus on, but i think my favorite has to be the One-Time Underwater! Would you like some roaisted beet noodle one bowl? Or perhaps one-time underwater for your snoring partner? Or maybe you would like a poker… Continue reading One Time Underwater: Glimpses from China